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On 09/11/2018 22:18, Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Coda Highland once stated:
On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 1:31 PM Luke <> wrote:

No apology. Perhaps I'm too chatty, as well as very badly organized.

Apologies then, and good luck with your programming things :) I'm out


That was just Sean's default reply header. It's in almost all of his
emails. Not sarcastic, not deprecating, and not even consciously done.
It's just a little more interesting than "Luke wrote:".

  I've had that reply header since 1994.  I'm not sure why now (and only on
this mailing list) that I'm getting complaints.  Perhaps it's how I replied?

It might be perceived as sarcastic only by people that didn't read enough of past mailing list messages of yours.

Once upon a time (<wink>) people followed good netiquette and lurked for a while on a mailing list or a forum before posting anything: the ancient lore told that not doing so was rude against the deities of the sacred net. And daemons could be freed from their ancient prisons had not that ritual been followed! :-D

But nowadays all has changed: people rush in the room without even bothering to know who's who and they require everyone to give them whatever they want, not even thanking for it <"gimmeee the codeeez!"> (BTW, I'm not saying that this is the OP's attitude).

Linguistic barrier could also be a problem, non-native speakers might not recognize that "ancient speak" nuance of the opening. But, again, a decent dose of lurking should convince anyone at least that that is just boilerplate text, not meant to belittle anyone.

BTW, I was always amused by that opening: It's like a character from Tolkien or Shakespeare is about to jump out from the darkness and take life while reading your posts :-)

  -spc (Although when I first set it, it said "A long long time ago on a
	network far far away, The Great %s wrote:")

May the force be with you! :-D