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That's a shame.

Are these "advanced concepts" difficult to learn or do they just
depend on handful of other terms? Seed was in the lectures' definition
of fold, and then the next slide confused confused me further:

     A curried function is a function that, instead of taking all of
its parameters at once, takes a proper prefix of them and then returns
a (possibly also curried) function that takes the rest of the
parameters; for example, the following is curried version of map

But I believe that map never takes any parameters other than the
function it is called with: square builds a new function from a map
function that never sees the table. I am a graduate, and am used to
slightly vague slides that need filling in by the lecturer. And I'm
not complaining! Free stuff is good just feel like something is
missing. I said the same for ubuntu!

On Fri, 9 Nov 2018 at 03:31, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
> Op Vr., 9 Nov. 2018 om 02:11 het Luke <> geskryf:
> > I'm guessing no glossary then. That's a shame, they are useful
> > additions to an introduction to anything. e.g. there is no definition
> > of 'seed' in the lua glosasry linked to, wikipedia, or my dictionary
> There is an unofficial glossary, dealing mostly with background
> knowledge that the reader of the offficial documentation is assumed
> to, but does not always, have. "It does not cover advanced concepts."
> I'm afraid that "seed", depending as it does on "pseudo-random" , has
> so far fallen in that category.