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Op Sa., 10 Nov. 2018 om 09:51 het Robert Raschke
<> geskryf:
> Times change, and what was once interpreted as flippant, is no longer so.
> There's been a few instances now where people interpreted that intro reply line as condescending, so maybe it's time to change it?

The complaints come only from newcomers who have joined and posted
without first reading a day or two's worth of previous posts.

Part of what gives any list its particular flavour is precisely the
mildly eccentric habits of its regulars. The onus is on the newcomer
to become familiar with what we say and how we say it. It goes much
deeper than just a few automatic headers and .sigs.

I do not agree that old-timers on the list should change their ways
because newcomers don't understand them. I would personally regret
much more the fed-up departure of an old-timer [1] than the huffy exit
of a newbie.

[1] When last did we see a post by —, — or  —?