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>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Gierth <> writes:

 Andrew> This code thinks it can create an anonymous group capture with
 Andrew> no valid .s pointer (to contain the results of a match-time
 Andrew> capture). I _think_ the failure is normally hidden by the fact
 Andrew> that base[0] is _usually_ a reuse of the same Capture that was
 Andrew> used for the match-time capture itself - except that the array
 Andrew> of Capture structures might get reallocated between the two
 Andrew> uses, without preserving the old value of the (now unused)
 Andrew> Capture.

Further analysis shows that my original idea was wrong; correct
substitution _requires_ that the value of base[0].s actually be
preserved rather than initialized in adddyncaptures. So the fix seems to
be to ensure that it is preserved across expansion of the captures

--- lpvm.c.orig 2018-11-10 09:37:29 UTC
+++ lpvm.c
@@ -311,7 +311,7 @@ const char *match (lua_State *L, const c
           if (fr + n >= SHRT_MAX)
             luaL_error(L, "too many results in match-time capture");
           if ((captop += n + 2) >= capsize) {
-            capture = doublecap(L, capture, captop, n + 2, ptop);
+            capture = doublecap(L, capture, captop, n + 1, ptop);
             capsize = 2 * captop;
           /* add new captures to 'capture' list */

By telling doublecap that one less Capture structure is "new", we make
it preserve one more of the existing values, which is the one we need.

This patch fixes both my testcase and the original report, as far as I
can tell.