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I've been using clang's parser libraries to generate meta-data for a
C++ reflection API but I would much prefer to use a stable lua wrapper
for the parser.

I tried to use clang's C API as well but at the time (3 months ago?)
there was no way to find out several little details about C++ classes.
I don't remember exactly what was missing, but it was things like
finding out if a method is pure virtual or not. And I think several of
the new C++11 features have not made it to the C wrapper yet.. I'll
try to find it out again and contribute some unit tests for your code
:). The C++ API, on the other hand is complete but way more complex,
so a stable Lua wrapper is a great idea.

I'm _very_ interested in C++ JIT compilation as well as it would allow
me to save a huge amount of space for the method call code. It this
point I pre-compile everything and the executable gets huge.

You can find my reflection API at . In a way, its a C++ to C++
binding. It has a Lua binding as well and some unit tests show how to
use C++ classes from Lua.

I'll give a closer look later but like Graham I'm interested in
joining efforts (with both projects)


Max de Bayser