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On 13 July 2012 07:26, Graham Wakefield <> wrote:
> Nice.  Did you know about our Lua/Clang binding?

I am guilty of not doing my research correctly, I was acting out of
emotion :) I guess I will have to rename my project so that there is
no confusion. I have also found this: which also binds Clang to process
C/C++ code.

> Different features/motivations of course; we've been concentrating on using it for the JIT compilation of C++ code, and recently I've been playing with the C-binding to LLVM via LuaJIT's FFI. An FFI-to-clang-c is in the works.

I have made a classic Lua binding, so that even those that do not use
LuaJIT can run it. I see no problem with merging efforts, as there is
no overlap in functionality.