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On 2012-07-12 21:43, Enrico Colombini wrote:
> I didn't know that; are you sure it works that way? I've often used it
> to check files and I often got a negative result. Sometimes it was a
> false positive by a single antivirus only.
As someone from the industry I can tell you that it doesn't work this
way. It's yet another myth similarly grotesque as the one that we're
writing the malware to sell the protection against it :)

There is sample sharing going on between vendors over other channels and
sometimes also from VT, but the decision whether something is classified
malware, grayware or goodware is at the discretion of each vendor.
Although it is a known problem that false positives spread like this and
there is (IMO) no proper mechanism in pace to report a false positive to
numerous vendors (although VT worked on something like that some time
ago). I suppose Florian was referring to this spreading of false
positives. But it's a fallacy to believe VT is the driving mechanism there.

> If virustotal has such an impact, I guess it should be possible to
> contact them and have it marked as "good",
You can register and do that yourself, btw. I did it for that file.

// Oliver