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10.07.2012, в 12:24, Steven Johnson <> написал(а):

Any idea of how it works with a web player (with or without Chrome /
NaCl)? I've had Lua and LuaJIT plugins (nothing fancy, just pushing
arguments and maybe printing something) running in Windows and Android
players, and it was simple enough, but "we might want the web player
at some point" was always the sticking point, and I suspected
Alexander had run into something similar...

Well, my current understanding is that WebPlayer will require KopiLua to work. It should be possible to use native Lua/LuaJIT for other platforms. 

We do not need WebPlayer at the moment, but support for it (and iPhone/Android) is planned at some point in future. 

If someone wants to participate in sponsorship for these or other features, please contact me off-list. Regardless, we'd be happy to hear any feedback on this project.