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On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 10:24 AM, Steven Johnson
<> wrote:
> I actually half-suspected something was on its way, after you
> name-dropped Boo a few minutes ago. :)

I actually like Boo, but when I was using it the compiler was so slow
that the equivalent C# compiled much faster, even if it was five times
as verbose!  (Which is BTW why I am not a fan of Scala, I guess it's
short-attention span syndrome)

> Any idea of how it works with a web player (with or without Chrome /
> NaCl)?

Currently we've just been working on getting Lua going with the Unity
Editor. Already got an interactive prompt - man, it's cool to boss
visual objects around interactively - and Lua scripts can be reloaded
on the fly.

We'll know soon how everything pans out. I have concerns about those
restricted Mono platforms which don't allow code generation, but we
have a fallback plan to go with Lua interpreters written in C# like
Kopi.  But that is second prize, since it will be slow.

steve d.