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Oh, wow...

I actually half-suspected something was on its way, after you
name-dropped Boo a few minutes ago. :)

This will be a godsend if I can make use of it. I know we're supposed
to be adaptable and all, but since our own migration to Unity I've
been trying to stick around shader-ville as much as possible just
because I have fewer expectations of the language[1]. :/

Any idea of how it works with a web player (with or without Chrome /
NaCl)? I've had Lua and LuaJIT plugins (nothing fancy, just pushing
arguments and maybe printing something) running in Windows and Android
players, and it was simple enough, but "we might want the web player
at some point" was always the sticking point, and I suspected
Alexander had run into something similar...

Anyhow, good work! I'll take a look at it when I've had some sleep. :)

- Steve

[1] - I swear there
was something called "astronaut syndrome" that was a better fit,