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On 21 June 2012 17:40, Jose <> wrote:
> 3) AndroLua - not widely used (discussed in a separate thread)

Please consider AndroLua as a proof-of-concept rather than a tool for
mobile development. All I wanted was to try out how to embed Lua into
an Android application. Also note that AndroLua is meant for embedding
Lua into an Android application, not for developing Android
applications in Lua.

If I have some free time (very unlikely) I would like to switch to
jnlua instead of LuaJava (it looks like it has better Java support,
especially arrays), and I may look at developing Android applications
in Lua. But there are many corners to cut. For example, you have to
specify every Activity of your application in the AndroiManifest.xml
and they have to be implemented in their own class, so there will
never be a pure-Lua way of developing rich Android applications.