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Patrick Rapin <> wrote:

> IMHO, if the library depends on LuaJIT FFI mechanism, please announce
> it only on LuaJIT mailing list.
> If on the other end the library is written in plain Lua or use the
> standard Lua-C API, it should be announced on Lua-L mailing list as
> well. In the case when the library performs lots of computation in
> Lua, it might be quite slow in regular Lua implementation: but this is
> not necessarily a problem depending on the usage. Just write a warning
> about that fact.

James McKaskill has been developing luaffi [1], which provides a FFI
mechanism that is source compatible with LuaJIT's FFI library.  He is
very responsive to issues if you find incompatibilities between luaffi
and LuaJIT's FFI.