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On 6/20/2012 8:27 PM, Craig Barnes wrote:
I just installed cairo-devel and it's working fine now. I didn't get
any errors at build time before though. Does lgi require headers at
run time or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for the report. You are not missing anything, I was just a bit naive and fortunately I'm able to reproduce this issue. Code tries to dynamically load cairo library using basically this construct:

const char *path = g_module_build_path (NULL, "cairo");
GModule *module = g_module_open (path, 0);

The problem is that g_module_build_path() creates "", which is available only when -devel package is installed; runtime installs only "", which is not found this way (and I did not expect that).

I'll have to think & experiment a bit in order to fix this. I'm not exactly sure how to get dlopenable name - any input from anyone would be much appreciated :-)

The correct workaround for now as you discovered is to install cairo devel package, but it is not good general solution, because it would force end-users of potential lgi-based applications to install it too, which is ugly.

Would you please mind filling a bug at [1], so that we can stop spamming lua-l, because it is getting a bit offtopic here.