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Hello Lua hackers,

lgi 0.6.1 was released.  As usual, it is available either
from its github homepage[1], [2], luarocks (by 'luarocks install lgi'), 
or it might be available in your favorite distribution.

lgi is gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding to GObject
libraries. It allows using GObject-based libraries directly from Lua. If
it sounds gibberish to you, ten simply said it allows easy usage of GTK+
and similar libraries from Lua.

This is bugfix release, no new major features were added compared to last 
0.6 release.  List of fixed bugs taken from README is appended at the end 
of this announcement.

Any comments or other feedback will be greatly appreciated, use github
issue tracker [3] for reporting bugs.

Happy hacking!


0.6.1 NEWS:
    avoid leak caused by not calling g_value_unset() in some cases
    objects and structs: actually implement '_type' property as documented
    tests: Fix regression tests for less common platforms
    Pango: Add a few missing overrides
    cairo: Fix Context:user_to_device() family of methods.
    GStreamer: Add support for transfer!=none for input objects. This is 
needed to avoid leaks caused by strange usage of transfer annotations of 
    GStreamer: Add more missing overrides
    GStreamer: Fix and improve samples
    Various fixes for usecase when lua context with loaded lgi is closed 
and opened again
    Gtk: Add missing Gtk.Builder:connect_signals() override