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On 5 Jun, 2012, at 21:45 , Arie van Wingerden wrote:

> Peter,
> please help me a bit with LuaDist. I think I get stuck in the docs; I did the following (in 32bits Win7)

LuaDist is the build environment, it aims to provide a consistent way to build Lua related modules, libraries and projects FROM SOURCE (stored in GIT, no source downloads provided). This requires MinGW/GCC/Clang, CMake and GIT. This is not something regular users will have to worry about but it is very usable for people that aim to integrate Lua into their applications. This approach also allows for "custom" Lua deployments with only specific modules installed and is similar in many ways to LuaRocks and package managers on Unix systems.

However the Batteries subproject aims to replicate the functionality of LuaForWindows, this means it aims to provide a STANDALONE "BATTERIES INCLUDED" BINARY DISTRIBUTION similar to Python/Ruby/Perl etc. No build tools are required and no installation is needed, just unpack and use the binaries from the bin/ folder. For 1.0 release there will be an installer provided so this does not confuse Windows users. Think of it as an advantage, you can simply pack your app inside the LuaDist folder and distribute copies of it to other machines without forcing them to install any runtime dependencies.