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On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 10:31 AM, Jeff Smith <> wrote:
> its a bit of a pain to resolve neatly as I think I need to rewrite my
> external conversion utility so that if its input file is a lua source file
> (text) then it writes the C file out as Null terminated string (in source
> code form). Conversely if it sees the input file is a lua binary chunk it

It can write both the .c and the .h as output from the processing:


#define MY_FILE_NAME "/whatever"
#define MY_FILE_SIZE   192
extern char MY_FILE_DATA[];

Btw, you didn't say why you are doing this. The only reason to
pre-compile chunks, really, is because you've stripped the parser out
of your lua vm. byte code is less portable, harder to deal with (as
you've found), and not really faster to load (and if you are loading
code in a critical speed path, you probably shouldn't be).