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On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 2:53 PM, Norman Clarke <> wrote:
> Yikes, is there something in wide use already using the name "tlua"?
> I'm using that for a project and should probably change it if that's
> the case.

Nope, just an example ;) The name is untaken, AFAIK.

> Well, the good thing about Telescope at least is that it doesn't
> really depend on any particular syntax.

That's very useful to have in a framework.  There must be a reason why
there are so many Lua testing frameworks, and something that was
'skinnable' would address that need for familiar/custom syntax.

It did occur to me later that context 'context' do ... end _is_
actually valid syntax, although not meaning what we want! That's the
kind of thing that can happen accidentally with DSL design..

I must look at Shake, sounds interesting...

steve d.