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Hello Lua and Kepler folks.

Recently, I was assigned maintainership of the Lua XML-RPC package. This mail announces the the 1.2.1 release, the first in 4 years.

Noteworthy changes in Lua XML-RPC 1.2.1:
- release includes code that has been in CVS for quite a while, but that has not made it into a release tarball available on the project website, thus never amalgamating in wide use and Linux distro packages - Source code repository has been converted to git (all history has been preserved)
- Better Lua 5.1 compatibility
- Better handling of errorneous reply content
- Examples have been updated (and are provided as scripts) using Xavante/WSAPI instead of CGI

The project has left LuaForge and resides now on Github together with the other Kepler projects.

Project website including documentation:

Source code repository including wiki and issue tracking:

Comments and patches are welcome. If you are a package maintainer of Lua XML-RPC for a Linux distribution, please consider an update. From my experience with a project using the package ( no changes were necessary to the source. I'm not so much into Lua rocks (I rather use distro packages), so there is no rock, yet. If you want to contribute what's necessary to make that happen you are more than welcome. Please fork the repository on github and send a pull request with the necessary additions/changes.

Thanks to the nice people of the Kepler project in general, and to Andre Carregal in particular, for their help and support during the migration, and their quick replies.


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