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On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 04:15:41PM +0200, Mike Pall wrote:
> KHMan wrote:
> $ time luajit -e "for i=1,1e9 do end"
> 0.340
> This means it performs THREE BILLION loop iterations per second.
> Welcome to the 21st century! Time to readjust your perceptions. :-)

$ time luajit -e "for i=1,1e9 do end"

real    0m25.092s
user    0m22.393s
sys     0m0.076s

For comparation:
$ time lua -e "for i=1,1e9 do end"

real    1m47.820s
user    1m36.238s
sys     0m0.332s

It seems I have to wait a little bit for 21st century to arrive into
my backyard hehehe... :)
Btw. it is luajit 1.1.5