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KHMan wrote:
> I think compression/decompression routines written in Lua is more
> suitable for prototyping work and hence performance is not a
> critical issue -- it's not for any real "normal user" apps, is it?
> Heavens, before long, someone will lobby for tweaks to run FFT or
> DCT in Lua...

Why do you think so? Is this some kind of prevalent inferiority
complex with users of scripting languages? That it's somehow 'bad'
to implement such functionality using Lua?

Obviously, if there's a ready-made C library out there that fits
your needs -- by all means, bind to it and use it! Or when there's
another language that better fits the bill (batteries included

But you do realize that e.g. an FFT written in Lua is quite
competitive with C code when using LuaJIT? So if you're writing
something from scratch, why would you insist on _not_ writing it
in Lua? I'd really like to understand this sentiment.