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 On 2010-10-04 13:00, David Kolf wrote:
Petr Štetiar schrieb:
please do note, that luace is opensource project, so if somebody is willing to
contribute to it, I'll need their real name and email address at least, say
these days common Signed-off anyway, so what't the deal? And it's neither paid
support, nor my customer and I'm trying to help him as much as I can. Is it
really that rude?

To sum it up, I don't get this off-topic emails, sorry.
Privacy? When I send an e-mail to someone, I do not expect the message
to appear in public for world wide reading, indexed by search engines so
anyone searching for my name (in the next 10 or more years) can see the
message which I intended to be read by only one person. No matter what
the content is.

Better not move to sweden then :)

(exactly how much faith do you have in your isp / govt. anyway?)