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Fietiger Cheng <> [2010-10-04 11:25:34]:


I'm adding Lua mailing list into the loop, because I prefer to not answer any
questions in private and it's more general Lua question, not much related to
luace. So if you answer to this email, please keep that email address
'' in the CC field or subscribe to Lua mailing list.

> I am Cheng Wentao from China. I am interesting with you project luace at
> But I have a problem when distribute luace.exe to my cell phone
> (WM5 SmartPhone platform); I got no response when run hello.lua. So I have
> to create a project and redirect print function to my dialog, and change
> io.write to print in lua code.Then test some samples on my cell phone,they
> work well. But I still want to know how io.write works ,could I redirect it
> to my dialog?

Why would you do that? Just make some your own library for dialogs/GUI,
something like this for example:


local app = yourlibrary.new_application()
local dialog = yourlibrary.new_dialog()
local inputbox = dialog:add_input_box()

inputbox:set_text('Hi from Lua!')
app:run() -- start message loop

or maybe there's some GUI library already available for Lua which you would
need to make run on Windows Mobile platform. I don't use such library, so I
can't recommend you any, sorry.

> My project with luace are attached.

If you need some comments about your code, please send it inline in the email.
It's hard to comment on code hidden somewhere in the RAR archive.

> Could I join your project?

Of course, you're welcome. Just clone it Github and send me a pull request or
send me the patches via Github's "Issues" feature. Thanks.

-- ynezz