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David Kolf <> [2010-10-04 09:48:41]:

> Petr Štetiar wrote:
> > I'm adding Lua mailing list into the loop, because I prefer to not answer any
> > questions in private and it's more general Lua question, not much related to
> > luace. So if you answer to this email, please keep that email address
> > '' in the CC field or subscribe to Lua mailing list.


> I'd recommend no to do that in the future. The Lua list is archived in
> multiple public places. Are you sure that whoever contacted you wanted
> his name and e-mail to appear on the web?

please do note, that luace is opensource project, so if somebody is willing to
contribute to it, I'll need their real name and email address at least, say
these days common Signed-off anyway, so what't the deal? And it's neither paid
support, nor my customer and I'm trying to help him as much as I can. Is it
really that rude?

> And as long as someone isn't on the Lua list he can't read other
> responses as well. Just tell people to subscribe to the list and ask
> their question themselves.

Why? There's CC for this purposes and it's common in the opensource world to
send patches or questions to mailing lists even without the subscriptions.
Well, it's than wise to tell them, that you're not subscribed to the list.

To sum it up, I don't get this off-topic emails, sorry.

-- ynezz