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> 2010/9/27 J.Jørgen von Bargen <jjvb.primus <at>>:
> > Another problem is, that "required" takes a look at package.cpath for
> > loading the DLLs, but "has-dependency" is resolved by Windows itself,
> > not taking care of package.cpath. I've still looking for a proper 
> > solution for this.

steve donovan <steve.j.donovan <at>> writes:

> That's why LfW adds %LUA%\clibs to PATH, so that dependencies will be
> found by Windows. This is not exactly a pretty solution ;)

A nice transliteration for a dirty thing :-) And one of the reasons,
I first became aware of the problems on delivery to beta-testers
(which of course didn't have LfW installed)

It's always a mess, I you have (same or different) multiple instances
of DLLs distributed on your system but need to load a specific on in
a given application. I've contacted the author to prepend his 
application clibs path to his PATH environment on application startup.
I will report results, when he did so.

Regards and thanks for your input Jørgen