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2010/9/27 J.Jørgen von Bargen <>:
> [Foreign-Windows-Application-with-buildin-lua]
>   load-and-calls-->
>     [my-lua-script.luac]
>       requires-->
>         [some-lua-dll-from-LfW]
>           has-dependency-->
>             [some-other-dll-from-LfW]
>               has-dependency-->
>                 [some-microsoft-dll]

LfW uses MSVC 2005 runtime, so problems are likely to emerge.  The
DLLs would need to be rebuilt AFAIK with 2008 (I would like to be
corrected on this)

> Another problem is, that "required" takes a look at package.cpath for loading
> the DLLs, but "has-dependency" is resolved by Windows itself, not taking
> care of package.cpath. I've still looking for a proper solution for this.

That's why LfW adds %LUA%\clibs to PATH, so that dependencies will be
found by Windows. This is not exactly a pretty solution ;)

steve d.