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On 10/09/2010 13:49, Valerio Schiavoni wrote:
I'm not sure to understand how this really changes things for us developers:

- Can I use Lua to build my iOS application? (if so, how?)

Apparently, now, yes.
Lot of games (among others) are built with a small native core and a Lua interpreter. Then they have lot of scripts to describe the world (structured data), to code the AI of the NPCs, and so on. I think that's where these are good news for developers using such scheme: the scripts are shipped with the application, so are OK for Apple.

- Can I avoid installing any Apple developer tool, to be able to submit an app to the

My understanding is that you need a Mac, an iPhone, the Apple developer tools and a corresponding license to start doing such app.
Now, perhaps clever people have found workarounds for these constraints?

Philippe Lhoste
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