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On 10/09/2010 05:27, Kevin Vermeer wrote:
The relevant clause of this section is the part about interpreted code only allows scripts
"packaged in the Application **AND** not downloaded."  This means that applications can be
built with Lua (Hooray!), but we still can't build an interpreter (Boo!) which would allow
typing Lua scripts on the device

Would be cool, but having not manipulated an iPhone, I wonder how practical it could be to type code on such device...

or sending Lua scripts from the PC (which is not

Mmm, I think downloaded isn't limited to Internet or even to network. Technically, getting a file from a PC via a cable is still downloading for me. I can be wrong, though, but I think it is all the same for Apple (and you can't insert a floppy drive in an iPhone - or even plug in a USB key, AFAIK).

Out of curiosity, is Apple now tolerating applications written in a portable way (other language, using a wrapper framework, etc.)?

Philippe Lhoste
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