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On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Silas Silva <> wrote:
> My question is:  Lua is a language made to be embedded (like Tcl and
> Guile -- not sure about the last one), not like Python or Perl, which
> make it perfect to be used as a scripting language in a C program.  But,
> over the time, lots of libraries were built on the top of Lua, that
> makes it a great general-purpose language.  Should I make a C + Lua
> program or only Lua?

Third-party libraries are third-party ones, unless they are included
in standard lua distribution you cannot say that to be "pure lua".

Please note that Lua is always embedded, since the lua (or lua.exe)
executable is just a sample of host program for you to begin with. So
you are embedding lua even if you start lua with the standard lua

Then the answer is: Should you modify the host program when using lua?
Should you write C extensions modules for Lua?

My answer is Yes: by contributing extension modules you contribute to
the community, by modifying the host program you understand lua