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It was thus said that the Great Silas Silva once stated:
> Hi all,
> I've been done some research for a project of mine, regarding
> "embeddable" languages to make it extensible, and figured out that Lua
> would be the best solution for this particular situation.
> My question is:  Lua is a language made to be embedded (like Tcl and
> Guile -- not sure about the last one), not like Python or Perl, which
> make it perfect to be used as a scripting language in a C program.  But,
> over the time, lots of libraries were built on the top of Lua, that
> makes it a great general-purpose language.  Should I make a C + Lua
> program or only Lua?  Let me explain my problem:

  Why not both?

  I embedded Lua in a syslog daemon [1], but the way I compiled it [2], you
can include other Lua modules pretty much like you would do with the Lua
interpreter (I have a call to luaL_openlibs() in the program).  I have had
no problems including other Lua modules (both Lua code and .so files as I'm
running under Linux) from within the scripts I've written for my syslog



[2]	At least under Linux it's:

	gcc -std=c99 -rdynamic -g -o syslogintr syslogintr.c -ldl -lm -llua