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So far I've read mentions of several use cases, but I don't understand how exactly it may be useful in them. Here's what I read about: 1) Obvious usecase: something like Deplhi's 'with'. This is not the main use case Lua developers targeted, for sure. Inability to call global functions, a need for additional local variable to call methods makes this incomplete. 2) Modules. Maybe it's due to the fact that I didn't work with modules, but I don't see it useful. I don't see a reason for setting current environment like 'module' does in 5.1 or use of in-end of 5.2 due to the same reason: inability to call global functions. Generally, I'd prefer to directly write "function P.f() end" instead of "function f() end" given P is the module table. 3) Sandboxing. I did sandboxing with setfenv and can only think of doing it with setfenv or loadin. How can in-end help with it? 4) Some strange use cases of setfenv. What I've read made me feel like either setfenv or in-end is used in a wrong way. For example, here in-end is used in a wrong way:
5) Something else?