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On Jan 23, 2010, at 5:13 PM, Mark Hamburg wrote:

> in-do-end really does suggest stack-based rather than function-based global scoping -- i.e., the dynamic-scoping proposal.


	in env do

What am I "doing"? I'm calling f. Now, if f is a global that I will now look up using env it makes some sense to say that I am calling f in env, but if f is a local then the act of calling f has pretty much nothing to do with env and the notion that I'm caling f in env is potentially misleading.

This is not an argument for dynamic scoping. That should be argued based on what it makes easier v harder, what it means as a language change, etc.

It is, however, an attempt to figure out why so many people look at in-do-end and expect what amounts to dynamic scoping.