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  Yes. But we were expecting to see a Quartz backend instead of X11.

  The problem is that GTK for Quartz, turn to be very complicated to be
installed on Mac, since the Imendio package was not updated anymore. BTW the
links in are all broken. You can read the story here

  So we tried the latest Which is not a
simple dmg download. After some time it worked. And we could build IUP and
CD (GDK) under Mac. But we notice some controls not properly working yet.
Specially the IupTree. And when we used the Mac theme lots of controls were
not working.

  The Gimp on OSX project is still using GTK under X11, see

  So I think we are going back to GTK+X11. What do you think?


> Hi,
> Any chance for a Mac version of IUP?
> Jose