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Hi, Matthew

Your Lua on iPhone presentation will be available to us?



--- Em qui, 14/1/10, Matthew M. Burke <> escreveu:

> De: Matthew M. Burke <>
> Assunto: Verizon FiOS set-top boxes run Lua
> Para: "Lua list" <>
> Data: Quinta-feira, 14 de Janeiro de 2010, 13:36
> All,
> Apologies if this is a duplicate---I did a quick search of
> the archives, but didn't see any mention of this.
> After my Lua on iPhone talk last night, somebody in the
> audience mentioned to me that Verizon is about to launch
> their FiOS TV SDK that will allow people to develop
> "widgets" that run on the set-top box for your
> TV.   Widgets will let you send tweets, do
> facebook, play sudoku, and other vitally important tasks :)
> by twiddling your tv's remote* and never having to leave
> your couch.  There will be an app store-like Widget
> Bazaar where you can sell widgets.
> Anyway (as you've already guessed from the subject line),
> widgets are programmed in Lua.  The first of the how-to
> videos they've posted prominently features
> More info available at
> Of course FiOS is not available in my neighborhood...and
> who knows when Verizon will get around to installing
> it.  Not to mention that Verizon is not anywhere close
> to my favorite company....
> Matt
> * The remote for Verizon's set-top boxes looks like it
> requires a 2-week training course...

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