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Apologies if this is a duplicate---I did a quick search of the archives, but didn't see any mention of this.

After my Lua on iPhone talk last night, somebody in the audience mentioned to me that Verizon is about to launch their FiOS TV SDK that will allow people to develop "widgets" that run on the set-top box for your TV. Widgets will let you send tweets, do facebook, play sudoku, and other vitally important tasks :) by twiddling your tv's remote* and never having to leave your couch. There will be an app store-like Widget Bazaar where you can sell widgets.

Anyway (as you've already guessed from the subject line), widgets are programmed in Lua. The first of the how-to videos they've posted prominently features

More info available at

Of course FiOS is not available in my neighborhood...and who knows when Verizon will get around to installing it. Not to mention that Verizon is not anywhere close to my favorite company....


* The remote for Verizon's set-top boxes looks like it requires a 2-week training course...