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> Apologies if this is a duplicate---I did a quick search of the
> archives, but didn't see any mention of this.
> After my Lua on iPhone talk last night, somebody in the audience
> mentioned to me that Verizon is about to launch their FiOS TV SDK
> that will allow people to develop "widgets" that run on the set-top
> box for your TV. [...]
> Anyway (as you've already guessed from the subject line), widgets
> are programmed in Lua. [...]

There were some news about it last year:

  * Can Verizon dominate interactive TV?
    Verizon’s FiOS TV platform uses LUA, EBIF and DVD formats to set
    up revenue-generating services

  * Verizon Unveils their Vision for the Web-Connected TV
  "What they can say now is that widgets will be programmed using LUA, a
  standard technology which many game developers will be familiar with

  * Verizon FiOS TV's Rachelle Zoffer on Interactive TV Widgets Roberto
  "Verizon's widget platform is based on the open source scripting
  language Lua ("

  * Verizon Gives Social Media a TV Spot  
  "The SDK will use the programming language Lua."

-- Roberto