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> Lua 5.2.0 (work1) is now available at


> All feedback welcome. Thanks.

Some random nitpicks:

1. I can not find in the the Reference manual documentation on "hex
escapes in strings", mentioned in Readme.

2. There are no mentions of removal of bytecode validation in the
manual, but I think that I see that the validation is removed.
Shouldn't it be documented? Also, I remember discussion on providing
some API to allow user to implement such validation manually. Is there
such API now?

3. Both Readme and Contents fail to mention Bitlib.

4. On GC step behaviour:

    If you set the step multiplier to a very large number
    (such as <em>2^30</em>),
    the collector behaves like a stop-the-world collector.

Why 2^30? Is this arbitrary number? Wouldn't something more specific
like math.huge be less confusing to reader (especially given that, in
theory, Lua may be built in the way that 2^30 would not fit into

5. In the Introduction section of the Manual, and PiL II
mentions are not hyperlinks. However they are not hyperlinks in the
5.1.4 manual as well, so, I guess, this is intentional. (BTW, I guess
there would be PiL III to accompanion the release ;-) )

* * *

Note that I've only skimmed the docs and the source, so I could miss
something already there, sorry. I'm still reading, so there may be
more :-)