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> 2. There are no mentions of removal of bytecode validation in the
> manual, but I think that I see that the validation is removed.
> Shouldn't it be documented? Also, I remember discussion on providing
> some API to allow user to implement such validation manually. Is there
> such API now?

There is no such API. Function 'load' now has a 'mode' argument,
so that you can avoid loading binary sources if you do not trust

> 4. On GC step behaviour:
>     If you set the step multiplier to a very large number
>     (such as <em>2^30</em>),
>     the collector behaves like a stop-the-world collector.
> Why 2^30? Is this arbitrary number? Wouldn't something more specific
> like math.huge be less confusing to reader (especially given that, in
> theory, Lua may be built in the way that 2^30 would not fit into
> number)?

It must be larger than 10% of the total memory in use. The manual
will say that.

-- Roberto