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>> Lua 5.2.0 (work1) is now available at

> <...>

>> All feedback welcome. Thanks.

> Some random nitpicks:


I'll continue:

6. Both Readme and Manual changelists fail to mention new continuation
stuff to yield across C boundary. BTW, is the whole thing compatible
with C++?

Also, the new API seems to be a bit obscure without any examples,
especially given amount of talk it is given in §3.7. Perhaps a
micro-example could be added?

By the way, I see a lot of implementation code now calls lua_callk
family. Does that mean that Lua code may yield across them now? Manual
says no:

        <...>Lua raises an error whenever it tries to yield accross an
API call, except for three functions: lua_yieldk, lua_callk, and

Is this true?

7. Manual now documents that lua_checkstack is limited by a fixed
maximum stack size. Is the name of that constant in configuration file
(LUAI_MAXSTACK) still an implementation detail? If so, why the
existance of the limit documented?

8. table.foreach[i] were deprecated ages ago. Perhaps it is time to
drop them from the source?

9. Why does Lua standalone interpreter create a global "arg" table? As
it was mentioned before, it would trigger an obscure bug in the Lua
code written for 5.0... Perhaps it is time to drop this as well?

10. Maybe "Changes in the Libraries" section in the Manual should be
included into the changelist in Readme as well? After all, they are
not only incompatibilities, they are also new (and deleted) API calls.

11. Would newproxy() be documented in 5.2? Perhaps some equivalent?

12. Changelists fail to mention new ability to configure load() to
disallow loading bytecode and/or text.