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So sorry about the triple post.

I just figured out where my emails where going, my python-tutor filter was moving them to my python-tutor folder! I was beginning to think I was being selectively filtered! I am so sorry about this but it actually points out another important fact. Posting emails is a skill that newbies may also lack. I am trying very hard to shorten the length and get to the point, something I am still struggling with.

To all those who have encouraged newbies to post, a big thanks from this idiot :-) Having said this, if I need to post to a tutor list just tell me when-Patrick

Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:
On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 5:58 PM, Patrick
<> wrote:
A couple of my posts never made it to the list, not sure if this will end up
a duplicate or a triplicate, sorry if this is the case.

You can always check here, if you're not sure:

 - Jeff