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2009/11/25 Patrick <>:
> Jerome Vuarand wrote:
>> 2009/11/24 cynthia powers <>:
>>> Thanks. But it still does not work for me. I have a c-calling lua-calling
>>> c
>>> setup. luaL_loadstring returns 3 and luaL_dostring return 1;
>> You should have read the manual. This would have told you that if
>> luaL_loadstring or luaL_dostring return a non-null integer, there is a
>> message describing the problem on the stack. You can access that
>> message with lua_tostring(L, -1). The message describes the actual
>> problem. If you're going to ask for further help, at least quote that
>> message in your email, along with the real script.
> The level of experience is very high on this list. I am just wondering how
> welcome newbie questions are? When I was into Python, python-tutor was a
> really helpful list. Just 2 or 3 guys made a really big difference answering
> newbie questions-Patrick

My apologies if you found my answer too rude. Newbie questions are
welcome. Next time I'll let more diplomatic people answer.