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Patrick <> wrote:

> The level of experience is very high on this list. I am just wondering 
> how welcome newbie questions are? When I was into Python, python-tutor 
> was a really helpful list. Just 2 or 3 guys made a really big difference 
> answering newbie questions-Patrick

I agree that the list's content is highly impressive for newcomers -- and there is no other place to go. Would support the creation of a newcomer-oriented list if this is what Patrick has in mind. The fact that everybody's welcome is not a replacement for a real "learning space".


PS: This would also reduce the traffic and help sorting out messages.
PPS: In addition to lua-newbies & lua-experts, there is even space for a kind of "meta-lua" list where topics about lua itself can be discussed (design, ratonale, evolution, future, variants... which presently take place here, too). It's not an issue to subscribe to 2 lists if wished, I guess (and even helps automatically dispatching incoming post into appropriate folders).

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