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* On 2009-11-22 Wesley Smith <> wrote  :

> LuaAV is an application for the production, research and deployment of
> computational media art works. It is software for exploring ideas -
> designed to be modded - where every aspect is open to interpretation.
> LuaAV extends the Lua scripting language by adding sound and graphics
> modules for real-time audiovisual processing. Lua provides a stable
> and robust platform for the experimentation and production of
> everything from long-term installations to large-scale multimedia
> systems to live coding and other performance sensitive computing
> contexts.

Sounds interesting!

I found no reference to what operating system(s) LuaAV runs on. The only
download on the LuaAV I found is to be a .zip with what seems to be
a MacOS X distribution.

Is there available or planned support for other OS's in the future ?