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Hi Lua list.  For those of you who find yourselves near Poitiers,
France the second week in December, I'm going to be giving a
presentation and performance with LuaAV at the 2009 Make Art festival.
 Here's the abstract:

LuaAV is an application for the production, research and deployment of
computational media art works. It is software for exploring ideas -
designed to be modded - where every aspect is open to interpretation.
LuaAV extends the Lua scripting language by adding sound and graphics
modules for real-time audiovisual processing. Lua provides a stable
and robust platform for the experimentation and production of
everything from long-term installations to large-scale multimedia
systems to live coding and other performance sensitive computing

LuaAV is an open-ended, continually evolving (even during run-time)
piece of software. Our recent work with LuaAV focuses on enabling
creative computational systems without sacrificing performance.
Creative systems require a high degree of reconfigurability and
dynamic evaluation, permitting a kind of creative emergence where the
software evolves at hand of the user while it is running. Such systems
typically have an attendant loss of efficiency due to their dynamic
nature. In LuaAV, we have employed the Low Level Virtual Machine
(LLVM) to give us the flexibility we desire as well as the efficiency
we require for real-time audiovisual computation.


About the Festival:
make art is an international festival focussed on Free/Libre/Open
Source Software (FLOSS) and open content in digital arts. make art
offers performances, presentations, workshops and an exhibition,
focused on the blurred line between art and software programming. The
festival is dedicated to all free software artists, open hardware
hackers and command-line fetishists out there.


About LuaAV:
LuaAV is an integrated programming environment based upon extensions
to the Lua programming language to enable the tight real-time
integration of computation, time, sound and space.