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Hello list,

I am evaluating a switch from SWIG to luabind for binding our C++ classes to Lua. So far, luabind looks great in a variety of features, but I did not figure out how to handle certain metamethods that were no problem to SWIG at all:

(1) Following the luabind docs it seems that it only binds the subset of operators which is common to C++ and Lua? So far I could not figure out how to wrap the __pow operator.

(2) The same goes to __index and __newindex metamethods (As you can imagine I am working on a linear algebra library).

I can try to set it explicitely, i.e.:

   .def(luabind::constructor<const double &>())
   .def("__index", &MyNumber::getIndex, luabind::raw(_2))
   .def("__newindex", &MyNumber::setIndex, luabind::raw(_2))
   .def("__pow", &MyNumber::pow)
 In that case I can make the call

 A = MyNumber(3.0)
 A:__index( ...arguments... )
 A:__newindex( ...arguments... )
 B = A:__pow(4.0)

But what I expected to enable was

 A = MyNumber(3.0)
 b = A[ ...argument... ]
 A[... argument...] = 2.0
 B = A^4.0

Any ideas how one could add this syntax to a userdata type that was created by Luabind?