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Jim Whitehead II wrote:
> The PAR keyword doesn't in any way approximate 'OCCAM-like'
> concurrency.  Concurrency in occam is built around communication
> between distinct processes through explicit communication channels.
> Yes, the SEQ keyword is covered by the sequential nature of Algol-68,
> and the PAR keywords are roughly the same.. but that only begins to
> graze the surface of what OCCAM-like concurrency actually is.

Indeed, you're quite right. I did meant to mention channels, honest, but
forgot. CSP concurrency is one of Go's nicer features.

...according to Wikipedia CSP was first described in a paper in 1978;
Occam came out in 1983 (although it looks way older from the syntax).
Perhaps Algol-68 simply predates it, which would explain why it has par
but no channels. Anyone modernising the language would definitely need
to add them.

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