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On 2009-11-12, David Given <> wrote:
> [Warning: this message is almost entirely off topic.]
>  There is nothing new under the sun.
>  Have you seen Algol 68? As you might imagine, it's an Algol variant that
>  came out in 1968. (Which makes it older than I am.) It begat Pascal,
>  Modula, Oberon etc and is a cousin of C. (I think it's Lua's uncle.)
>  There's a good Wikipedia page:
>  It's a bit scary. It looks *just like a modern programming language*.
>  It's got C-like types (although to be more accurate, C has Algol-68-like
>  types). It's got user defined polymorphic perators (with user defined
>  precedence). Keywords and identifiers occupy different namespaces.
>  Identifiers can contain spaces! It's got block expressions. It's got
>  OCCAM-like concurrency (there's a par keyword for running processes in
>  parallel and built-in support for namespaces). You can use values before
>  you define them! Most syntax elements have a short form and a long form,
>  where the short form is designed for single statements and the long form
>  for multiline statements.

Yap! ALGOL-68 was my first programming language back in early 80-s. I
ran my programs on a Polish minicomputer Odra-1305 with 256K of
memory. Algol compiler did just fine. Algol-68 was, indeed, a
beautiful language.