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> That said, given sufficient demand, adding a vector/matrix library
> is not out of the question. The compiler would be able to
> eliminate the intermediate object creation for 'm[i][j] = val'.
> The interpreter, too, with some tricks. So, if you can get over
> the syntax ...

Ugh. On the rights of the voice from the crowd:

I'm not against the possibility that LuaJIT would extend Lua syntax.

However, I ask for a clear option to disable any such extensions on
all levels -- compiler, interpreter whatever ("run as strict Lua, as
defined by the Lua Programming Manual").

If I'm to adopt LuaJIT for production, this is the critical feature.

It is too easy to deviate from Lua to some "luaish" language, and, for
me, it is crucial to have full 100% two-way compatibility. At least
for the documented behavior.

With all respect and awe, LuaJIT is younger than Lua. If I stumble on
a show-stopper bug while using LuaJIT, I want to be able to quickly
switch back to Lua until the bug is fixed.

If I use LuaJIT as a primary tool, I need to be sure that I wouldn't
accidentally use some obscure "language extension" which would prevent
me to run my code on plain Lua. Of course I may (and will) run tests
for my code on both Lua and LuaJIT, but tests never cover 100% of the