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Hi guys,

I'm coming again with the same help request, I would like to use
expressions where userdata are indexed with more comma-separated
values. For example, if you want to index a matrix it would be natural
to write something like:

m[i, j]

but Lua does not accept this construct. For the moment I've
implemented that with the syntax

m:get(i,j ) and m:set(i, j, value)

which is quite reasonable but ugly to read for a mathematician or a
non-Lua casual user.

I'm quite determined to change Lua to obtain this syntax extension and
I would appreciate a lot any suggestions about where to look in the
source code to understand how it works for the part I'm interested on
and make the modification right. I already have a good knowledge of
the paser but I think that I would need to make non-trivial changes in
the AST and in the way the AST is interpreted.

Any suggestions or help would be very welcome. Thank you very much in any case.

Best regards,