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Leo Razoumov wrote:
> I also do believe that m[i,j]=val syntax is long overdue in Lua/LuaJIT.
> With LuaJIT-2 Lua is becoming a serious contender for scientific
> numeric work. In some of my unofficial tests in scalar operations
> LuaJIT-1 beats Matlab 1 to 50 in tight loops. (LuaJIT-2 will do even
> better).

Please post current benchmark results vs. Matlab, if you have any.

> Question for Mike Pall: How difficult is it to put this feature into
> LuaJIT-2 ??

I want to keep full compatibility with the standard Lua language
specification. Additional modules (e.g. bit.*) or additional
functionality for standard functions (e.g. xpcall takes args)
are ok, of course.

That said, given sufficient demand, adding a vector/matrix library
is not out of the question. The compiler would be able to
eliminate the intermediate object creation for 'm[i][j] = val'.
The interpreter, too, with some tricks. So, if you can get over
the syntax ...

But there are other priorities at the moment.