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Francesco Abbate wrote:
> Well, if you want to help me with GSL shell I'm open to accept
> collaborators ;-) actually I'm looking for people to help me.
> Otherwise, GPL license is great and I'm not planning to make money
> with it.

The license was not compatible with the project. I've since used GSL for
other things, but rarely. I own a hard copy of the GSL documentation.

I'll see what I can do to help. There's one thing immediately: "LUA"
should be "Lua" everywhere at! :) I
downloaded gsl-shell and ran one of the examples, so that's a start.
I've got GSL 1.10 at work (Ubuntu 8.04), but it compiled and ran okay.

I'll send you a message from my home address later today.

> I've given a look to your code. The idea is not bad but still, it is a
> trick, ...
> My point is to have a plain simple syntax, nothing tricky or awkward.

Agreed. 'm(1,2)(3.14159265)' is not as pretty as 'm[1,2] = 3.14159265'.
But the latter comes at the cost of a non-trivial VM mod - and an
excellent opportunity to learn.


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